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Roadmaster Suspension Installed on Emma, the Grand Design Imagine

Hi, I’m Michelle. And I’m Laurie. For “Rollin’ On TV.”

Today, we’re going up to Windham, Maine, to Lee’s Family Trailer Sales and Service. And we’re going up there to have a couple of things installed on Emma, our Grand Design. And then we’ll be bringing her home tomorrow.

Randy, the service tech on our project, handles this 150 pound box like it’s a bag of potatoes. Dennis is also working on our project. And what is our project?

After learning that most travel trailers don’t have shock absorbers, and that travel trailers can experience shaking on the road that measures 3.2 on the earthquake Richter scale, we decided to install the Roadmaster shock absorbers and Comfort Ride Slipper Springs system.



While Randy and Dennis are installing the Roadmaster system, let’s find out more about Lee’s Family Trailer Sales and Service. They have a huge inventory here. And Dan Craffey, the owner, has kindly agreed to show us around.

This is a Go, 29GO. And it’s got a beautiful open deck to put your ATVs or motorcycles. Use it for a deck after. There’s a cooking station out there, television.

We just got a Solis from Winnebago. We’ve already sold a few of them. This one is the old style VW Westfalia with a pop-up. What a beautiful layout. Minnie Winnies, we can’t keep them in stock. They’re class C, fit and finish is beautiful.

We’re the fifth wheel capital of New England here at Lee’s with three lines. We got the Montana, the Cougar, the Reflection, and the Solitude.

These are travel trailers here, we’re a big Grand Design dealer. We love the Grand Design, Transcends, Imagines, Reflections.

Little TABs and TAGs are on fire. I mean, we bring in 12 and they’re gone within a couple weeks. We just sold our first Geo Pro, so we’re pretty excited. That’s a beautiful unit.

We just purchased 20 acres. We’ll probably have seven or eight acres  full of RVs. So, it’s going to be impressive,

We have a big rental fleet in motorhomes and travel trailers. We’ll bring the travel trailer right to your site. We’ll show you how to use it, they’re a really good way of seeing if you like camping.

When I purchased the place, we really put an emphasis on service. So, I added eight more bays, drive-through, large addition to go with the present service building.

And we’re trying to find some really good RV techs, we’re just growing so fast. So, if anybody is out there that wants a great career and wants a great place to work, give me a call at Lee’s Family Trailer.

Michelle: Okay, let’s check back in on our Roadmaster suspension install. Almost done. Here’s a tip, the U-bolts don’t come with the suspension kit as they often don’t need new ones. However, this is a really good time to inspect your U-bolts. If they’re corroded, it’s a good time to replace them. In our case, the job did need longer U-bolts, which held it up for a couple of hours, so just be aware of that.

Also, be aware that this lifts the trailer, in our case three inches. So, we had to make sure that our weight distribution system didn’t need adjusting. And it did not, it was fine.

In order to capture the effectiveness of the suspension, before we had the install done, we placed a container of water inside and drove down, very slowly, a bumpy road. Notice the rug on the left.

After the installation of the suspension system, we went down that same road to see what happens with the water now. I think what was more interesting is what was happening to the chair on the left of the rug. That’s the slider, you can see less bounce after the installation than before, which means the trailer should last longer, components should last longer, less shake in the trailer overall.

So, we just left Lee’s Family Trailer in Windham, Maine. And they installed the Roadmaster suspension system. And we’re just on the highway now. She feels really good. She’s three inches higher than she was before. Feels rock solid, very nice to drive. Oh wow, oh wow. That truck just went by us, I didn’t feel it at all. That’s a big, big benefit. Anything that causes less anxiety while you’re driving, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Thank you very much to Roadmaster, Inc. for the suspension system, and to Lee’s Family Trailer for helping us get it onto our Emma Grand Design. And we’re also very thankful to get her home again. Bye for now, Michelle and Laurie for “Rollin’ On TV.”