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ROTV Adds Amazon Fire to Streaming Media Lineup

By: RVBusiness/Published on: June 22nd, 2019

“Rollin’ On TV” (ROTV) announced the addition of Amazon Fire to its lineup of streaming media services carrying Rollin’ On TV.

“Even though linear TV is still the 500-pound gorilla when it comes to reaching a mass market, we realized a while back that with so many people cutting the cord with cable companies in favor of streaming media services, that we had to expand into this media market also,” said ROTV Executive Director Jose Moniz in a press release.

“Today, with our regular television reach on cable, DISH and Direct TV of over 40-million homes, and the addition of ROKU earlier this month and Amazon Fire this week, we have added a combined reach of another 50-million plus homes,” he adde.

Early response shows that in the first three weeks on ROKU over 4,000 people have signed onto the ROTV channel.

“Even though all our TV stations offer ROTV on their streaming services, we will continue expanding in streaming media as well as adding additional linear TV stations later this year,” Moniz stated.