ROTV Focus Groups

Let's Learn from Each Other!

Coming up Thursday May 20th at 6pm EST!

There’s nothing like sitting around a campfire with your favorite beverage and friends, old and new… and chatting about fun topics! If you love camping, then that’s a topic you enjoy talking about, right?

Well, we want to hear what you think about all things ‘RV’ – It’s amazing what comes out of these Focus Group. As an example, Susan K. told us about how she bakes pizza when camping and it was so unusual we needed to create a TV segment for it!

How to Join us

Monthly Small Group Zoom Sessions

Only our Rollin’ On TV Facebook group members are eligible to join our monthly Zoom Chats. So, join us and then send your email to  

Attendees can choose our ‘Thank You’ gift of either a Rollin’ On TV Coffee/Tea/Whatever mug OR a $25 Amazon Gift Card.