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Michelle Installs RV Cover by Herself - You Can Too!

Hi, Michelle Fontaine for, “Rollin’ On TV.” The sun in Northern Arizona can be brutal. Anything left outside will fade, lots of UV rays. So we decided to cover our RV. The RV cover we chose is made from Adco,  and we chose the Designer Series, Moderate Climate. And the cost of the RV cover was about $250 and this is a 25-foot RV. Obviously, we got the job done but it did come with a few challenges so here’s the story of me covering that RV alone.

Before cutting the seal wrap, the instructions recommend that you actually measure your RV because manufacturing specs can be off for about 3 feet. The instructions also recommend washing the RV and padding sharp edges; they provide rain duct covers which is kind of a neat little thing.

Well, this is neat. It’s a bag to put this in after. So this is the underneath so I need to turn this over. Okay, back to upside down, so now the front is up there, the back is here. This is the top of the cover. I know this is correct because the zipper’s over there
and that’s where the big door is. So now, I’m going to be rolling it up so that when I’m climbing the ladder, that will be ready to pull. Now we roll it up this way. This is going to be the front part. Let me grab it first. There you go, not too bad.

When researching how to do this, I found a video that used the roll-up process as I did. As you’ll see, doing this alone, I did have problems on this first attempt.

At this point, I was still pretty determined. I didn’t wanna go up on that roof again.

This is the point where I felt it was dangerous and it was time to get down.

After thinking about it overnight, I knew the wind was an issue and I also knew I needed to keep that roll together so here’s the next morning.

Here we go with attempt number two. So I rerolled it. Exterior side up, folded it in from the edges, and tied it every 3 or 4 feet. Also, this time, there’s no wind. It’s not even 7 a.m.

Wow, so much easier, confirming this is the front. It better be. In all the rolling you get twisted up a bit, so right now I’m just untwisting this thing. And the fact that I did tie it really helped with that untwisting. You may not be able to tell but I’m keeping at least 2 feet away from the edge. It’s always comforting to see the zipper on the correct side. Wouldn’t this be awful if I put it on upside down? Don’t walk backwards without looking. There are all kinds of things up here. I’m kind of at the point, I think,
where it’s time to get back on the ladder.

Now, I will get my stepladder out and pull down the side. Don’t be fearful, just be careful. I wore sneakers, not flip-flops, but I sometimes trip with my sandals, so sneakers were the right shoe for me. You can do this. It’s good to have someone within yelling distance, though. The tie-down part was super-easy. Adco provided these weights which help you throw the tie-down under your RV to the other side. You snap it, tighten it. Done.

This is Michelle Fontaine for “Rollin’ On TV” feeling very accomplished for putting her RV cover on