RV Enthusiast Magazine

Combining the strengths of the nation’s #1 weekly RV and Camping television show and North America’s premier RV how-to magazine, Rollin’ On TV and RV Enthusiast magazine has formed a partnership that will benefit RVers with useful technical information and “how-to” content.

This partnership between RV Enthusiast magazine (RVE) and Rollin’ On TV (ROTV) allows both companies to present stories across multiple media venues, which provides readers and viewers the opportunity to get their information from multiple media sources –how, when and where they want it.

Specifically, ROTV will feature a story with one of the staff from RVE which may be edited for television, but RV Enthusiast magazine subscribers will also be able to visit rventhusiast.com and read the full article after watching the video. In addition, RV Enthusiast will preview upcoming segments on its website, giving readers a “heads-up” as to the ROTV content and air date.