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RV Firms Star in Daylong ROTV Commercial Shoot

By: RVBusiness/Published on: Jan 7, 2020


A handful of RV industry companies descended on PentaVision Productions in South Bend, Ind., Thursday (July 25) for a daylong session of commercial video shoots for the upcoming season of “Rollin’ on TV,” the RV lifestyle television program now in its 10th season.

Participating companies, which are all program sponsors, included Forest River Inc., Winegard, Carefree of Colorado, Thetford, Go Power!, RecPro RV Furniture,and TRA Certification. As a crossover bonus, representatives of each company also served as “extras” during the shoot.

“We’ve done this for a few years and we just thought it was a great opportunity to bring our sponsors together and shoot some commercials and product placements,” said Jose Moniz, executive producer of “Rollin’ on TV.” “What allows this to happen is the fact that none of our sponsors compete with each other, and they all have products that interact with one another, so we’re able to use them in the same shots.

“For instance, here we have Forest River, and Forest River uses Winegard antennas, which is one of our sponsors. They also use Carefree of Colorado awnings, which is another one of our sponsors. And they also place the Go Power! solar systems in their RVs.”

For the shoot, the backyard lot of PentaVision’s facility was turned into a makeshift campground, with four RVs provided by Forest River placed in a semicircle and various products used as props strategically scattered, including a Thetford cornhole set painted to portray an RV toilet.

The PentaVision crew then spent the day shooting various segments with the company representatives and their respective products.

“Rollin’ on TV” reaches some 50 million homes in 48 states on 18 different networks and stations, including DISH, DirecTV, Roku, Amazon, Facebook and YouTube. The program averages nearly 400,000 viewers a week.

Besides Moniz, Rollin’ on TV includes Jeff Johnston, Michelle Fontaine and Laurie Church of “Two Gals and a Boston Brood,” Mark and Dawn Polk of “RV Education 101,” and Joe and Kait Russo of “We’re the Russos.”

Published on: Jul 26, 2019