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RV Outdoor Shower Tip

Jeff Johnston: Greetings. Today’s tech tip for “RVing Today TV” concerns your outdoor shower. Most RVs have an outdoor shower of one kind or another, and they’re really convenient. They’re great. You’re showering outdoors, it’s a lot of fun. But when you’re doing that, what do you do with your towel, your shirts, and so on? Well, we came up with a simple solution. This is a scrap of red wood we had in our house. We added three of these stainless steel, towel-type hangers, and two aluminum material hangers on the back. We open up the door on our propane compartment. This hangs up easily, and we have a convenient spot for towels, shirts, and shorts.

Females: Woo-hoo!

Jeff: I need to ask Dan what kind of vitamins he gives those girls. Anyway, this is a really convenient way to keep your towels and so on, and you might be able to find a way to do that in your RV as well. And that’s your tech tip for the week from “RVing Today TV.”