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Update your RV Interior for that added Finesse

Well, even if you have an RV that you really love that you’ve used for a long time, you may look around the interior eventually and say, “You know, it’s maybe time for an upgrade.” Maybe that beige Herculon fabric has grown a little bit thin on you after a bit. Your needs may also have changed. For example, that freestanding table and four chairs may not be quite right for you anymore. You may be thinkin’ more about a dinette that turns down into a bed so your grandkids can come along, for example. Well, fortunately, there’s all kinds of furniture on the aftermarket.

Our friends at RecPro, for example, have all kinds of RV furniture available. They have different sizes, colors, shapes, styles, and so on, and there’s all kinds of different dimensions available, so chances are you can find something that’ll fit right into your vehicle. 

To get a feel for what’s involved with an RV interior refit, we visited Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design, in Woodland, Washington. There’s a certain amount of expertise and technical aspects of this, of course, and Dave & LJ’s has some pros that really know how to do the job, so let’s pop on into the shop. Take a look.

All different sizes and RV classes receive the Dave & LJ’s interior treatment. The showroom displays the company’s custom cabinetry and furniture such as desks, TV cabinets, and tables. Sofas, love seats, and special theater seating are also on view as inspiration for a customer’s product. Custom cabinetry of all kinds is built in Dave & LJ’s woodshop where skilled craftsmen produce furniture works of art.

The stock furniture in the project motor home wasn’t worn out, but an upgrade will be a fun interior freshening. The shop crew unpacks and inspects the furniture for any shipping-related hiccups that must be taken care of. Final assembly takes place inside the RV. A heat gun works wonders to remove any wrinkles in the fabric. The old furniture is disassembled, as much as practical, for easier removal via the RV door. It can be a snug fit, but the furniture probably came in through the door, so it can also exit that way.

Wiring may need to be adjusted, relocated, or completely new, depending on the project. Some Dave & LJ
technicians really get into their work. When the fasteners are deep inside, you do what you gotta do. Many RVs use standard furniture sizes, and that helps fit the new seating in the existing spaces. The upholstered dinette parts are standard, but a custom-sized table is required.

So when we install this dinette, it comes in a certain length. To make a bed, you have two filler cushions. We have to make the table at a certain dimension to go down and have the cushion fill that space correctly.

The new sofa bed is sized to be a trim fit in the existing space in the slide-out. This part’s a fairly easy bolt-in operation. A power lead is installed for the new motorized theater seats. All pertinent electrical codes are followed during the wiring part of the project. A pair of theater-seat powered recliners replace the original love seat. This kind of fit also depends on enough back wall clearance near the valance.

It’s not a whole house renovation, but even a few select pieces of new furniture can make a big difference inside your RV. We think it looks pretty darn good. Hey, a new RV interior may be just what you need to add that touch of finesse to your vehicle.