RV Straight Talk with Jeff Johnston​

OK to Change ST Tires to LT Tires on my Trailer

Q: “Today’s technical question is drawn from the RV Straight Talk section of this website – Rollinontv.com.  Harold writes and asks, paraphrased somewhat, “I plan to replace the ST tires on my trailer with heavier LT tires. Is this a good idea, will the LT tires work on a trailer, or do I need to stick with ST?.

A: It’s perfectly safe and acceptable to use LT, or Light Truck, tires on your trailer as replacements for ST, or Special Trailer, tires. LT tires have many of the physical characteristics engineered into ST tires, including stiffer sidewalls for greater load carrying capacity and tread design planned to optimize braking and steering traction plus longer tread life. Both tire types have rubber that’s ultraviolet resistant. LT tires are designed for light trucks and that means they’ll often be carrying greater loads than a typical passenger car tire, so the weight of your trailer will be well supported.

As long as you choose a tire size that’s rated at the same or a higher load- carrying capacity as the tires that come off your trailer you won’t be losing any weight carrying capacity. Of course, the new tire size also needs to be able to fit your wheels and inside your trailer’s wheel-well space or tire-to-tire clearance in the case of a dual-axle trailer.