Dutch College Students Just Built the World’s First Solar-Powered Camper, and They’re Taking It On the Road

What if the RV of tomorrow was no RV at all? What if the basic amenities and a certain degree of comfort could be somehow packed inside a teardrop trailer, arguably the smallest and easily manageable towable out there? And what if it could be self-sufficient and sustainable? Then, we’d have something like the RV2035, according to a report at AutoNation.com.

RV2035 doesn’t exist in physical form yet, and as far as creator, industrial designer Jason Carley, is concerned, it might not be for another 14 years. It is a concept, created out of a desire to explore the possibility of a towable that would offer the same comfort as a large trailer or RV, yet still allow users to immerse in nature and not disrupt the environment, like more basic alternatives, such as a tent or a teardrop trailer.

RV2035 is a dream for now, but it’s a beautiful one, so we might as well take part in Carley’s fantasy for a brighter, more sustainable and still awesome future.

The RV2035 or the “Nomad” is a teardrop trailer in form, but a full-size RV in function. When traveling, it is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to handle even by newcomers to the whole vanlife concept or newly-minted digital nomads. Being made of carbon fiber, it is also lightweight, which means it can be towed with almost any vehicle, and with reduced impact on the range of an electric one. Read and view more images here.