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The Creepy Story behind this SkyMed Commercial

Here at Rollin’ On TV, we love to be creative. One way we get to do this is with the commercials we produce for our sponsors. This one, from ‘way back’ was for Skymed. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed coming up with the concept, planning it and producing it!

Jose, Rollin’ On TV’s Executive Producer, came up with the idea just thinking about being in Mexico, or other country, hospitalized and needing both a medical flight and a means of getting the RV home.

We searched state records for old, closed hospitals and found one that we could (somewhat rent for the day). Then we found our actors through a local actor’s group.

Shooting in the old abandoned hospital is creepy enough. And to add to that, half-way through the shoot we had a severe thunderstorm and lost power. Yes, that was a little spooky!