Show 2021-07


Michelle visits Spyglass Ridge Winery -a Harvest Hosts location. Then we catch up with ‘Drab to Fab’. Later Mark shows us the TailGater Tire Table.

RV destination

Spyglass Ridge Winery is Just The Beginning!

Hi, Michelle and Laurie from “Rollin’ on TV” at the Spyglass Ridge Winery in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. We knew this was a Harvest Host location, but it turns out it’s much more. Check out this RV destination.

RV community

Catching Up with the 'Drab to Fab' Project

Susan Carpenter: So we took about a six-week break. It was supposed to be about two, three weeks because of the holidays. We thought everybody else is busy with family that we’d take a break, but then we didn’t know with COVID how exactly, you know, that was gonna go after the holidays. Would it peak? So we decided to extend the break until the end of January. So we’ve actually been off for six weeks. So coming back here, it was like, “Okay, where were we at? What were we doing?” you know? “Where do we start back up?” So it’s been a total refresh. So it’s been fun getting back into it.

rv product review- rv education 101

TailGater Portable Tire Table

Every now and then, a product comes along that’s not only functional but has many practical uses, and it just makes sense to get one. That product for me is the original TailGater Tire Table. Let’s take a closer look.