The Vintages in Dayton, Oregon

There’s been no slowdown in the popularity of vintage trailers these days. And here in beautiful Dayton, Oregon, there’s a resort that allows you to try vintage trailer camping at its finest to see if this part of RVing is fun for you. We are at The Vintages Trailer Resort here in Dayton, Oregon, heart of Willamette wine country.

We have 31 rental units that we rent out as hotel rooms. When I say that we have 31 rental units, we do have a mix of vintage trailers, as well as vintage-inspired trailers that we rent as hotel rooms on a daily basis. Each trailer comes equipped, completed with everything inside that you would need, such as hotel quality linens, dishes, flatware, glassware. On the outside, we also provide each trailer with a barbecue grill, two vintage cruiser bicycles, and a small patio setup. The oldest trailer that we have onsite here is our 1947 Spartan Manor. I would have to say the most unusual trailer would be our Flyte Camp Neutron couples edition. It was designed for our application here, and it comes with an enormous deep soaker tub. We do have several units that we have collaborated with Flyte Camp out of Bend. We also have some newer units that are vintage-inspired. We also have some units that have been redone by a local gentleman. The first year that we opened our doors, we started with about nine trailers. The second year, we had a total of 19. And this year, we’ve just finished out our third season with 31 trailers. We are open all year round. The property is a total of 14 acres. The Vintages is a neighborhood in the RV park itself. And it just has that neighborhood feel. On the property itself, we have a seasonal pool and hot tub. We also have a clubhouse that’s available by reservation. We have a general store, we have laundry facilities. And like I said, we are in the middle of wine country.