Show 2021-04


We give you an inside look at how that wild Care Camp Super NOBO came about, and the COVID-19 challenges. Then Jeff prepares to put his new truck and camper package together the right way.

RV raffle to support charity

The Complete Story of the Super NO BO and Care Camps Raffle

I’m sure most of you have seen the custom designed Forest River NOBO we had built and raffled off for Care Camps this past year. We originally intended to include and video the actual build process for our show, but when the COVID-19 crisis hit back in March, production of the NOBO came to a halt. So did all the plans we had, including taking the NOBO around the country, sharing this story, and promoting Care Camps.

rv How-tos

Fitting a Slide-On Truck Camper to a Truck

Slide-in truck campers are gaining in popularity among RV enthusiasts.  They’re easy to use, it’s easy to drive and park a truck and camper, they’re comfortable and fully equipped, and you can still tow a trailer with a camper aboard. If you own a camper or you’re planning to get one, you may now be out shopping for a truck to haul it. Regardless of your favorite truck brand, there’s a model that can haul a camper, within reason and observing the specifications, of course.