Thetford Titan Sewer Hose Kit handles a Tough Job

Campsite utility setup for an RV isn't glamorous but it's something that has to be done. Jeff shows us the Thetford Titan Sewer Hose kit. It has a 4 prong connector that fits nicely into the RV outlet!

This particular hose is 15' long and it extends as it needs to and it also retracts to make a nice fit without lots of loose hose.

In most campgrounds you are required to have a air-tight fitting sewer connection. The Titan threaded fitting is threaded into the campground sewer outlet. You thread it down and then the end of the sewer hose fits nicely into that fitting.

When Thetford came up with this Titan sewer hose system, they put a lot of thought into it and we think it works pretty well.

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