This New Camper Is an Off-Road Beast With a Luxe Interior Like a Scandinavian Hotel

Most luxury campers let you take the comforts of home with you on the road, but the new Darc Mono lets you take them off it, too.

The company’s inaugural offering is a custom-built adventure vehicle based on the 2020 Iveco Daily 4×4. But despite its rugged and aggressive exterior, the elegant Scandinavian-style interior features everything you need to rest and recuperate after a grueling day of off-roading.

We’ve seen rugged luxury campers before, but none as comfortable away from paved roads as the Mono. Drawing inspiration from Dakar rally trucks, the “ultimate expedition vehicle,” as it’s been billed, can handle even the most inhospitable of landscapes. The source chassis has been upgraded with an adaptive suspension developed with KW automotive and rides on milled aluminum wheels wrapped in 37-inch all-terrain tires. It’s also been outfitted with a custom-built, tubular-steel bull bar and a 11-ton winch and carbon-fiber intake snorkel. These modifications make the vehicle as adept at conquering sand dunes as it is cruising the highway.

Just as impressive is the Mono’s cutting-edge rear cabin. Constructed using the same techniques used on Formula 1 race cars, the 161-inch monocoque is made from recycled carbon fiber for maximum structural strength. It weigh 35 percent less than other comparable cabins and offers advanced temperature and noise insulation. The cabin also features an 82-inch long skylight as well as a large panoramic windows that offer a 270-degree view of your surroundings.

That’s thanks to a pair of slide-outs widening the first floor and a pop-up, full-height glass-encased second story served by its own elevator. Smart tech and clean, sharp aesthetics, inside and out, team to put the finishing touches on a stylish mobile domicile that lives as comfortably as a townhome … with a price to match. Read more here.