This Two-Story RV Has a Pop-Up Sunroom and an Elevator

At first glance, the SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition looks a lot like any other Class-C camper van you might see on the road. With its boxy body and bulbous roof, the Chinese-made RV does little to stand out from the crowd. But once the vehicle reaches the campsite, it quickly reveals an array of high-tech features and unique design elements—including a pop-up second-story sunroom.

Folding Glass and a Walkout Balcony

Pop-ups have been used to extend the living space in an RV for years, often creating lofted sleeping areas that don’t infringe on the main cabin. But few motorhomes have ever had a pop-up like the one found on the V90, which, when deployed, creates a full-height second floor—accessed via an elevator no less—with 133 square feet of additional floor space.

The camper van achieves this technical wizardry by using glass walls that fold in half when not in use. The glass panes unfold and lock into place when the roof is raised, creating a bright, open lounge with an elevated view of the surrounding area. And should the van’s occupants require a bit of privacy, the glass can go from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button.

One end of the upstairs lounge even opens out onto a balcony situated above the vehicle’s cab. The small space doesn’t offer much room for camping chairs, but it would make for an excellent place to get some fresh air or go stargazing without leaving the RV.

two-story RV

Image Courtesy of SAIC

Slide-Outs and Tech

In addition to the pop-up roof, the V90 also includes dual slide-outs that expand the living space on the first floor to an impressive 215 square feet. That extra space creates a larger sleeping and living room area, with a ceiling-mounted LCD projector and integrated JBL sound system.

The camper van’s interior includes a kitchenette, complete with a convection range, oven, sink, and refrigerator. A small bathroom, outfitted with a toilet and shower, is located at the rear of the vehicle. Optional upgrades include a washer and dryer and an integrated air conditioning unit. Read the rest of the story here.