Class B Motorhome

Thor Tellaro Class B Motorhome

I’m Jon Krider from Thor Motor Coach and we’re sitting in the brand new Tellaro motorhome. We’re really excited about this because it’s a new entry into the B van market. Earlier this year we introduced the Sequence. The Thor Tellaro is the follow-up project.

And the Tellaro has a few different features than what the Sequence has and I think the first thing that you’ll look at when you look inside of this motorhome it’s very bright, it’s very cheery, whether you’re looking at the cab seats, you’re looking at the paneling that we use, whether you’re looking at the flooring, the countertops, everything is very light and very bright.

And I think that’s a huge advantage that Thor Motor Coach has because we have a female designer. She goes through and she looks at it and she looks up the trends in the market, but then she also goes back and she figures out how can she take those trends that come out of a large area and put ’em into a small area like a motorhome.

And then when you work your way back through the vehicle, you’re gonna see lots of places for storage. So B vans inherently are small, but we try to make them as big as possible on the inside so you got lots of drawers, lots of cabinets, overhead, below the cabinets, and then, of course, you have a pretty unique bathroom situation where you have a mid bath. It’s an all-in-one bath and from there you’ve got a nice timber door that covers up the entry in and out of it so you have privacy.

And then in the back of the vehicle you have more or less what is a king size bed. So you have a very large bed back there and the bed comes in more or less three pieces. There’s three cushions so you can actually flip up the center cushion and now you’ve got storage so if you’ve got something big, like a kayak or fishing poles or oars for your canoe, you can put all that right down the center and you’re taking it with you and then when you get to wherever you’re camping, there you go, you just pop it out the back or you just take the bed, flip it down over the top of it and you can still keep all your belongings inside.

This vehicle is this is our first entry into a lithium battery system. We call it the reliable power system by Thor Motor Coach and we’ve partnered with a company called Master Volt, and Master Volt is really large into the industrial space and also the marine space. And we have 11,000 watts of electricity on this. Now, that’s an option and this option gives you two batteries, it gives you a underhood alternator, it gives you an autostart for the engine. And it is gonna be the largest battery pack that there is out there in the market for the Pro Master chassis.

The reason we went with Master Volt is because they have more than 40,000 batteries currently in the market and so they’ve got a proven track record since 2008 of putting these kind of batteries out into the market that are made for vehicles. They’re not made for in your house or storage areas that don’t move. They’re made for mobile environments.

Now, if we move to the outside, the outside’s got a ton of features too. On top of this vehicle, we have a pop top. So Thor Industries purchased Erwin Hymer Group which is the big motorhome manufacturer in Germany and, obviously, they had some really great ideas for small motorhomes that they do overseas, and we were able to take some of those ideas and add it here to the Tellaro van.

So there is a queen size sleeping space that’s up above the van, and above the van you can pop the top up when you get somewhere. It’s tent material, it’s got a fiberglass roof on the top and it’s got little windows that zip down so if you’re on the beach out in California or you’re headed down to Florida and it’s nice and cool in the spring, you can open it up and kind of enjoy the outdoors on the indoors.

We also use all Thule products on the outside so your awning, your roof ladder, your bike rack on the back, are Thule and, of course, that’s a name brand that most people are gonna see if they’ve ever been to an REI store or ever gone, you know, camping out in the Northwest. Probably one of the last things is, is that this coach is completely multiplexed.

When we were coming up with the design, we thought it was a really good idea to make a central panel in this van where you control everything. So whether it’s your HVAC, your lights, your awning, anything on this vehicle is controlled from a single panel which is also compatible with your cell phone so you can take the app and you can control everything in the vehicle from your cell phone from out in the campground or maybe even just down the beach a little bit further.