RV How To Tips

Towing Equipment - Installed the Right Way

Jeff tells us about hitch receivers, braking systems, shock absorbers and air brakes. The Hitch Pro guys take care of the job for Jeff but, if you’re handy, you could do it yourself. You decide after watching the installers.

The brake controller used is the Tekonsha P3  Brake Control, rather a higher end product. It has a digital readout and this unit can be customized to tow up to 5 different trailers, etc. 

It’s important to choose the right spot for the brake controller and our installer explains the right side near the drivers knee is usually the right spot. The controller bracket screws into place under the dash.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers are the replacement of choice for an awful lot of people. Each shock is specifically engineered and valved for specific vehicles. You’ll notice an improvement as soon as you install them. 

Jeff demonstrates the install himself.

Next up are air bags which help with loads in the back of your truck. If you carry loads in the back of your truck where all the weight is over the rear axle, that is where air bags can be a big help.

You can adjust the air pressure to match the load which is pretty handy.