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TrailManor Expandable Travel Trailer

Bob Zagami here with Bob Douglas from TrailManor. And Bob, there’s a lot of crowds around the units. You know, Trail Manor is an interesting name for those of us who are older because it’s been around for a long time. This isn’t the first rodeo, but the new Trail Manor, shall we say, that you’re putting out these products into the consumer space right now, what are people learning about Trail Manor? Because a lot of these people have never seen one. 

Bob Douglas: Well, what they’re learning about the Trail Manor is the uniqueness. It’s the only hard sided expandable RV in America, right? It’s all aluminum body and it has a unique ability to be able to park it in the garage. It’s lightweight. You can tow this with an existing vehicle that has a towing capacity of 3,500 to 5,000 pounds. It only takes about 1 gallon of gas to go– extra gallon of gas to travel about 100 miles. Bob Z: In the up and down, the mechanism, the way that this goes up, there is nothing like it in the explain the mechanism and how easy it is. Like you said, you can put it in the garage, you can leave it, but when you get to a campground at the fuel efficiency to set it up is– I’d call it amazing, maybe miraculous.

Bob D: It is. It’s an engineering feat. It only takes about five minutes to set one of these up, and that’s from the point that you park it, to the point that you set it, expand it, and you hook up all your utilities, you’re ready to go camping. You can’t do that with any other, like, pop-up tent trailer, and this is by NADA a travel trailer.

Bob Z: Yeah, and it’s a true fully functional travel trailer. Like you said, hard side, but full walls on the inside. You have the cabinets on the inside.

The classic is for your true asphalt warriors that are going from one campground to another and that’s all they’re doing. But then we have the sport model over here that was designed for the hunters that wanna go out where there’s no trail that’s been gone down before. That’s why it’s raised off the ground with the heavier duty tires and over there and the roof racks that can keep your bicycles up there. You can put your kayaks up there, you can put a canoe up there. So we’ve tried to cross the spectrum from everything.

Bob Z: So how many different models are in the product line now? Bob D: We have approximately 16 different models right now. And some of those, like these ones right here, they have a bed on each end of the unit. Then we have the slide versions that will come out all the way up to the front here. The whole front slides out, and it’ll have a fold out couch in there that folds out to a bed or a dinette. So what it does is, it doubles the real estate value inside the RV. Bob Z: All right, so if people wanna get in touch with you, how do they find Trail Manor? Bob D: They can go