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Two Gals Install Infinity Flooring - Part 1

Hi, Michelle and Laurie here. We’ve had our Lance trailer for two full years going onto the third year. It’s time to personalize it a little bit. And we’ve decided to upgrade our flooring and do the install ourselves.

Michelle: A year ago, I went to the RV open house in Elkhart. And I got to see so many RVs. And many of the higher end RVs had this really nice, cushy floor. It wasn’t rug, it was a vinyl woven top, but it was cushy and so nice under the feet. So, we’re going to use this product, Infinity Luxury Woven Flooring, and do it ourselves.

Our samples have arrived. And we have to eliminate some first. After deliberation we choose our flooring! Some of the other places we’ll put this besides. obviously the floor, are underneath the cupboards and also where your feet kick here. We have had some scratches and nicks and unsightly little things, so we want to protect this board, so we’re going to do that as well.


Creating template for DIY Floor InstallWe know this flooring comes 8’6 wide. Laurie took all the measurements, as I put them down here and roughly sketched out on graph paper what we need. Most important because I’m going to refine this are these dimensions are exact and order our flooring. To order it go to /apps/store-locator.

All right, so our luxury woven vinyl flooring has been ordered. Watch for us next week on “Rollin’ On TV,” where you’ll see us actually install this floor!