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Thinking of Purchasing a used RPod?

As Jeff showed us the RPod has been a hot item since Forest River first brought them out in 2008 they have had a cult type following since then.

The overall look harkens back to what was commonly called the ‘canned ham’ look with rounded roof lines and an aerodynamic design. I must say, the way the RV industry is always making model changes, I’m glad they left the basic RPod design alone. Kind of like the old Harley Davidson theory, when you have a good thing just keep making improvements and don’t mess with it.

The model Jeff featured was a 2016 RPod 180 Hood River Edition with the back kitchen, Today, you can buy that year and model for around $13,000. to $18,000. depending on the condition and extras features it has.

RPods have an active following. According to friends, Patty and Bruce M, ‘Fellow RPod owners sometimes leave miniature frogs at the campground sites of other RPod’s. It’s a thing.” They purchased their 2017 RPod model 180 this past summer and, at the time of this writing, are currently crossing the country with it. “Prices tend to go with the year of the RPod”, Patty said. “Our 2017 was listed for $17000 and we acquired it for “16,500. We love it!”

The thing to keep in mind when buying anything used is ‘it’s used’, which means you will find some things worn or even broken that will have to be replaced.. But in a small trailer like this, most repairs are relatively easy.

The nice thing, which I personally like, is that you now have the opportunity to upgrade and make changes to fit your personal tastes. Today with companies like Rec-Pro you can buy virtually anything you need to fix or upgrade your RV in one place. From furniture and appliances, to a light bulbs and latest LED lighting systems they have it all. You can see for your self by visiting www.recpro.com.

Now, since a new RPod can run in the $30,000. -$35,000 range (and up), if you spend a few grand upgrading your used RPod, the nice thing is, once your done and it’s cleaned up and polished, it will look just like or better than the new one next to you.. Also… you’ll have money left over to actually travel and enjoy your ‘custom’ RPod.