High-End RV Launches as ‘Ultimate Off-Grid Workspace’

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Living Vehicle, a luxury electric travel trailer with impressive off-grid capabilities and more solar power than most homes, debuts its ergonomic Creative Studio” – making working anywhere a reality, even in demanding creative industries, according to a release.

With this addition and Living Vehicles self-sufficient technology and enduring, sustainable power, editors, producers, animators, architects, developers, and all creative professions in between can seamlessly work on the road without being beholden to brick-and-mortar studios, for ultimate freedom and creativity.

The Living Vehicle Creative Studio is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology from Apple. These products allow modern professionals, who are heavily reliant on powerful hardware, to perform their job at a high level, and to do so from anywhere – whether it is arriving at the family ski vacation early without working late or editing footage on location in real-time from the comfort of a Living Vehicle. Living Vehicle is the only off-grid trailer with the power and devices to run a technologically reliant business from the utmost remote locations – from the snow-capped mountains of Montana to the arid desert of Moab – harmoniously, without compromising on equipment or location. Read the rest of the story here.