Video: The ‘Boaterhome’ is Half Boat, Half Truck and All RV

Why should you choose between a boat and a truck, asks reporter Elena Gorgon for a report for Why should anyone have to deal with the hassle of towing a boat, when they could have a vehicle that would be just as easy to drive and use on the road as it was on the water?

That was the idea behind the Boaterhome, arguably one of the strangest and coolest inventions ever – which still happens to be around today. August is Travel Month here on autoevolution, and we couldn’t possibly talk about summer vacation plans without at least one mention of the seemingly-perfect vacation vehicle for the entire family. And it’s not just for the summer, either: the Boaterhome was certified all-season.

So what is this Boaterhome? It’s an RV-type of vehicle that combines a boat and a truck into a single unit. So, while the boat still sits on a trailer, it’s not being towed, since it integrates seamlessly into the rear of the truck. It looks strange, alright, but the few lucky owners to still have one promise that the experience is comparable to driving a limousine, with an added bonus for convenience, comfort, and uniqueness. Read the rest of the story here.