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rInside Rollin' On TV and one of Their Broadcast Partners

Michelle and Laurie Visit COX Sports Network

We’re here at the CST Studio with Jeff Brenner, Executive Producer, and Ashley Coleman, the Programming Coordinator. Jeff Brenner: Or otherwise known as the programming guru.

Michelle: So Jeff,  “Rollin’ on TV” has been with CST since we started in 2010. And we’re now the number one weekly RV television show in the country, and have been right along. A good part of that is because of you.

Jeff: I thank you, but it’s a partnership. You know, we love the show.  Ashley, as you met earlier, airs it so many times during the time, and people just begin to know who you are. And down here, it’s a different type of RVing family, and so it’s just a great fit for us when we go, “Hey, this belongs in our outdoor block.” Along with fishermen, and hunters, who use campers all the time. So it’s just a perfect marriage.

Michelle: I think we have to come down here and do more projects. What do you think? Jeff: I think so. To get you down here for an LSU football game or a Saints football game and see how we tailgate out of our trailers would be unbelievable.

If you go down to the fishing areas, people will have trailers set up. And that’s where they will go spend the night, go fishing, come back, spend more time. And  you have those communities as you get further down into the bayou.

Michelle: And this young lady, Ashley Coleman, is very instrumental in getting our show actually out there. Aren’t you? Ashley Coleman: Yes, ma’am. It’s one of the better shows that we’ve aired on CST. And I absolutely love it, and it inspires me to want to become an RVer.

Michelle: And yes, “Rollin’ on TV” is recognizable here. We asked the bartender at Pat O’Brien’s and he went, “Rollin’ On.” We asked–we mentioned it to the KOA, we’re staying at the New Orleans KOA, and she went, “Oh my goodness. ‘Rollin’ On,’ we know you. We know you.” So the word is getting out there. And we really appreciate working with you both.