WanderBOX Outpost 35 4×4 is an RV Made for Boondocking

What do you do if you’re looking for the perfect RV to fit your needs but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? If you’re WanderBOX CEO Mike Barnwell, you design a vehicle that meets your exact specifications and launch a new company to build it. The result is the Outpost 35 4×4, a mobile office and living space well-suited for boondocking, according to a report by RV Magazine.

Barnwell’s dream RV included the luxuries of a Class A model and the off-road capabilities of an expedition vehicle. On top of that, he wanted something that would allow him to live off-grid for an extended period of time without sacrificing comfort and amenities. Disappointed with the options that he found already on the market, he elected to create his ideal motorhome himself.

Built on a Ford F-600 Super Duty chassis, the Outpost 35 is a legitimate boondocking beast. The RV comes with a 200-gallon fresh water tank, which can be refilled from a lake, river, or stream using the vehicle’s onboard filtration system. The motorhome also includes a 125-gallon Greywater tank and a 75-gallon black water tank. Read the rest of the story here.