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Traveling with pets

What Happens When You Leave the Pups Out?

Hi. Michelle and Laurie from Rollin’ On TV. We’re here to tell you a story today about our two fur babies Abby and Angel, who are about a year and a half old now.

We have always crated them. They’re very comfortable in their crates. It’s their little safe spot. We bring the crate with us wherever we go camping. And this particular time, we were going out on a little errand. So what did we do?

We thought that we could give them a try outside of the crate while we were away. And what we come back to is what this story is all about.

Hey, guys. What are you up to? Oh no, what happened? Well, looks like a new tabletop is in order. This one doesn’t look repairable. Our friends at Rec Pro, located in the RV capital of the world also known as Elkhart, Indiana, develop, manufacture, and import and store vast quantities of RV products; everything from RV furniture to appliances to, well, most anything like tabletops. Check them out at Now we can go to the trailer and see if it fits. And so here we are. A new collar. Voila, new tabletop.

Angel: Abby, I told you not to do it.
Abby: But, Angel, it was fun. It tasted good.
Angel: Well, I want to say to everyone I’m sorry that that happened, but we promise that we wouldn’t do that again.
Abby: And thank you, Rec Pro, for getting us out of trouble. Angel: Yes, thank you, Rec Pro. So until next time. Bye. It’s been fun.

So that’s our story. And we really want to thank Rec Pro for helping us out with that tabletop.