You Can Now Book a Night at a Luxury Trailer in This Boston Hotel

When you think about rockstar life, it usually involves traversing the country on a tour bus going from one sold-out stadium to the next. Well, the next time you go to a concert in Boston, you can have a night in a luxe trailer to keep the party going—or sleep off the hangover from the previous night (we don’t judge).


The Verb Hotel has unveiled its latest offering for visitors to Fenway Park. Guests can now book a night in one of 10 custom-built trailers as a part of the Backstage experience. Each celebrates a different artist to channel inspiration from “Mama Bertha” and “Sweet Patsy” paying homage to Cass Elliott and Janis Joplin. Even the colors are influenced by music giants like “Metallic Cooper” and “Hi-Fi Green Harley.” – Read the rest of this story!