SHOW 2022-13


First Time RVing Trip - We All Remember

Everyone remembers their first RV vacation. A while back we set up an RV vacation for Alison Hayes and her daughter Emory and followed along as they picked up a new RV and hit the road for a Michigan, UP vacation. After seeing this story, you’ll understand why so many people are getting into RVing.

RAM CAMP Project Finale with the Polks

We catch back up with Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 as they show us their finished …extreme off the grid van called, the RAM CAMP 4X4. The finished project looks fantastic. But then, we would expect no less from this talented and experienced husband and wife duo.. You have to check out this home grown beauty!

Paws on Board - Dr. Fitz on Dog Ear Infections

Later, With summer here and dogs wanting to ‘hit the water’ ear infections can become more prevalent. This week, DR Fitz explains how to look for and take care of your dogs ears should they get an infection. Remember, as they saying.. goes, a happy dog and happy wife make for happy RVing…or something like that!