SHOW 2023-15


A while back, we visited the Spyglass Ridge Winery and Concert facility in Sunbury, PA. During that visit, they were just adding a brewery and restaurant. Well, everything is finished, and a concert season is in full swing, so let’s revisit this great Harvest Hosts destination so you can add it to your must-visit list. MORE

On “Paws on Board,”  Dr. Fitz explains about dehydration and how this could lead to serious problems if not monitored. Then, Dr. Fitz is joined by Britney McKay from Jones Natural Chews and learns all about this family-owned company and its made-in-America line of natural dog chews and treats.

Enjoying clean water in your RV is important. This week, Mark Polk from “RV Education 101,” shows us a line of water filtration products – Aquafresh water filtration – and teaches us about the terminology that will help you decide. Perhaps you should consider having these in your RV. MORE