Show 2021-02
We visit an interesting destination in Mississippi. Then we head to Elkhart, IN and join Susan of the RVWA for week 2 of their ‘Drab to Fab’ project. Later, Jeff introduces us to the EZStor Hitch that solves a storage problem, and saves bruised shins and knees.

rv destination - a Gator Ranch!

The Gulf Coast Gator Ranch and Swamp Boat Rides - a great RV Destination

Laurie and I found ourselves at a very unusual RV destination. Well, maybe not so unusual in this part of the world. On highway 90 and Pascagoula, Mississippi, you’ll find the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch and Swamp Boat Rides. Come along with us, and SwampBilly as we find out all about alligators!

RV Industry

Let's Flip an RV to Promote Women in the RV Industry - Episode 2!

Susan Carpenter: Today is November 11. We have the special guests of Lippert Components today. Lippert is a very big company that owns a lot of other companies and some subsidiaries. So, what’s nice about today is although they’re all from Lippert, they’re all from different divisions, so they really don’t know each other. So, this is exactly what we’re trying to do is get women to engage with one another, so it’s been an exciting time. 

rv product review

Jeff Johnston shares a Solution to a Storage and Shin-Saving Problem

Setting up camp can be great fun. You unhitch your trailer, pull your tow rig away, start setting up all your hardware, your tools, and so on. But there’s usually something left that you may have to deal with and store somewhere. For example, you may have a pair of these guys, your weight distributing hitch spring bars. And this guy, the weight distributing hitch head. If you don’t want to have it hanging out the back of your truck, where you’re liable to run into it with your shins, you got to do something with it. Well, you can toss it into a storage compartment in the trailer, or roll it around the back of your truck. But there’s another solution that may just be the best idea yet for what to do with this hardware when you’re using your travel trailer.