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Jeff Creates a ‘Just to Make Sure’ Pre-Delivery Checklist, RV Trends and Updates and 10 Common Things We Forget to Bring Camping!

rv HoW to Tips

Pick up your New RV with a 'Just To Make Sure' Checklist!

When you go to pick up your RV at the dealership, they’re gonna do a walk-around with you as part of their PDI. And the walk-around, they take you all around the vehicle, they show you all the systems, they make sure that you understand how everything works, and that’s great, but if it’s your first time buying an RV, there’s a lot to remember, a lot of new systems and things. So, Jeff’s created this ‘Just to Make Sure’ checklist for you!

rv Upgrades

RV Trends and Upgrades

Many people are buying new, and used, RVs and upgrading them. For example, dining booths in older RVs were common. They were functional and served a purpose, but comfortable? Not really, today’s new dining booths not only look great, but are comfortable, whether you’re using them for dining or an on-the-road office.

Many current RV owners are also upgrading and remodeling their RVs with some of the latest comfort and convenience items found in newer models.

rv Education 101

Ten Things To Remember To Bring

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with RV Education 101. I was talking to an RV owner the other day, and he told me no matter how well he thinks he packed his RV for a trip, every time they arrive at their destination, they’d need to buy something from the campground store that they forgot to take.

This has happened to us more than once, so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of ten items folks forget to pack for camping trips. Read on to see what those ten items are!