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Vintage Trailers | RV Tire Tips | CA Campground Review | Sausage Recipe on RVing Today TV 2024-14

As summer and the vintage RV show season heat up, we thought it would be a great time to flash back to a show we did with Justin Scribner from Flyte Camp vintage trailers, as he explained to Jeff Johnston just what their well-known trailer restoration shop has been up to. Then, we join Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 and bring you some information
about RV tires you may not have been aware of. Later, we join Jeff Johnston as he heads to Nevada City, California and visits the Inn Town Campground. While camping, Jeff whips up his famous bean sausage and potato dish, along with some campfire beer-batter bread. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today” TV. Closed and Spanish captioning, where available, is sponsored by TrailManor, one of the world’s lightest and easiest towing travel trailers.

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New Pup in your RV | Advanced RV | Collapsible RV Steps and more on RVing Today TV 2024-13

On this week’s show we introduce you to Scott and Vanessa Russell, their daughter Cora, and Oliver, a full-time RVing family known as The Adventure Detour. This week, we learned what happens when you decide to include a new puppy into your RV lifestyle. Then, Jeff Johnston shows us how easy it is to install the new GlowStep Stair Unit from TorkLift. Also, we’ll join Mike Neundorfer, CEO of Advanced RV, as he explains why at ARV in many instances, they believe, in ‘less’ or ‘subtract’. I’m sure once you listen to Mike, you’ll agree that in many cases, that makes sense. Later, we’ll join Jeff and Pam Johnston as they make a short visit to Broughton Marsh Park. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today” TV. Closed and Spanish captioning, where available is sponsored by TrailManor, one of the world’s lightest and easiest-towing travel trailers.

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RV Warranties – a Hot Subject | Two Handy RV Items to Install with Chris Dougherty on RVing Today TV Show 2024-10

With RV maintenance, repairs, and warranty coverage being such a hot subject these days, we thought it would be a perfect time to look back and update a story we did with Jack Shelton, the founder of Wholesale Warranties and see why his company is so highly rated by RV-ers everywhere. | Then, we join Chris Dougherty of Dougherty RV Consultants as he shows us a couple of great, practical products from Hatchlift that you should consider getting, starting off with a brand new item called the Stake Hand, which makes getting into your pickup bed a whole lot easier. | Later, Chris shows us an item Hatchlift is known for that is now standard on many new RVs, but if you have an older model, you can install these yourself and make your RV lifestyle a whole lot easier.

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Upper Cape Cod Campground | RV Spring Checklist | Dog Ear Infections | USB Ports on RVing Today TV on Show 2024-09

If your RV travel plans include a trip to Cape Cod, a great place to make camp in the Upper Cape is Bayview Campground. Located just across the Bourne Bridge, this is a perfect place to spend time on the Upper Cape. Of course, before you head out on your first adventure, be sure to go through your spring checklist. This week, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us what’s on their annual list of things to check. As you’re getting ready to hit the road, don’t forget your dog is as excited as you are to get camping, so prepare for their safety also. This week, Dr. Fitz explains all about those pesky ear infections that can occur any time or any place. Later, with everyone having multiple mobile devices these days, many older RVs only have one USB charging port. This week, Jeff Johnston shows us how easy it is to add one or more USB ports to your RV.

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Quartzsite Review | Living on 30 amps | Cooking Gear | Skunked on Show 2024-08

This week we join John DiPietro in Quartzsite, Arizona for a visit with Kimi King, who runs the “Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show,” the largest consumer-based RV show in the world. Also, Mark and Dawn Polk from “RV Education 101” explain to us about RV living on 30 amps. Then, Jeff Johnston shows us his tried and true camp cooking gear that he’s used over the years, along with some newer items that will probably make his tried and true list for the next 20 years. And yes, it’s getting skunk season again, and this week we look back at some information Dr. Fitz gave us on what to do if your dog does get skunked.

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Unique Vans at show | Healthy Indian Dish in RV Kitchen | On the Road Safety Checks | Show 2024-07

On this week’s show, Jeff Johnston visits the 50th National Truck-In, in Sterling, Colorado. He shows us some of the unique vans and RVS he found at the event. | Then, we check back with Evanne Schmarder in her RV kitchen, as she shows us some nice space-saving cookware and prepares a unique, healthy Indian dish made with yellow peas. | Later, Jeff Johnston explains the on-the-road safety checks he performs when out traveling the country. | Everyone knows that dogs just love to chew, and try eating most anything, and that could be dangerous. This week, on a ‘Paws on Board,’ Dr. Fitz explains what you should do if your dog ingests anything poisonous. | These stories, plus our big Go Power! Kick-Off Spring Contest, on this week’s “RVing Today” TV.

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Maintenance-Free RV Roof | Big Trees State Park | Truma VarioHeat | One-Pan Chicken Dish on RVing Today TV Show 2024-05

On this week’s show, would you believe that you can have a roof on your RV that requires no caulking or maintenance at all, and comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty? It’s true. And in our first story, we’ll show you all about it. Next, we’ll take you to California. for a look at the Calaveras Big Trees State Park, another great RV destination. Later in the show, Jeff Johnston visits Truma. and shows us all about the Truma VarioHeat unit he had installed in his camper. We’ll wrap up the show with Kate Dunbar, the Campground Gourmet, as she prepares a one-pan Mediterranean chicken dish
that’s to die for. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.”

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Advanced-RV Class Bs | TrailManor Fits | Tuson Sway Control | Look-Back for Fun on RVing Today TV Show 2024-04

On this week’s show, we check out one of Advanced RV’s newest builds calledThe MT Nest.As we’ve learned to expect with Advanced RV, this unit is just nota high quality build, but full of unique features, as you’ll see.Then we join our friend Bob Zagami from RV Insights and RVing in New England, as he caught up with Bob Douglas from TrailManor at the Tampa RV Show and discussed the company’s newest models.Later, Jeff Johnston installs a Tucson Sway Control system and demonstrates just how well it works under various driving conditions.Then as “RVing Today” TV enters its 14th year, we thought it would be fun to look back at one of our early show opens that seemed to be a little challenging.These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today” TV. Closed and Spanish captioning where available is sponsored by Trail Manor, one of the world’s lightest and easiest towing travel trailers.

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The Full RVing Lifestyle | Rubber RV Seals | Replacing in RV frig | Pet 1st aid kit on RVing Today TV Show 2023-23

This week, Michelle Fontaine catches up with John Quincy Adams and his wife at a nice Harvest Hosts location and learns all about their new full-time RVing lifestyle. Then, Mark Polk from RV Education 101® shows us how relatively easy it is to replace old RV rubber seals and where to get them. RV refrigerators take a beating with all that bouncing around. And eventually, they decide to just quit working. Evanne Schmarder had this happen a while back and we’ll see how she handled the problem. Like kids, being on the road with your pet, things happen. This week on Paws on Board, Dr. Fitz shows us the items you should have in your pet first aid kit so you’re prepared when those things do happen. Also, we’ll give you a look at an upcoming story on a virtually non-destructible RV roof system that comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Expanded RV Space | RV Flag Poles | Destination – Garlic Farm | Bran Muffins on RVing Today TV Show 2023-22

Today, there are a lot of ways to increase your RV living space without buying a larger RV. This week, we’ll show you a few expandable options you may seriously want to consider. If you think you’re seeing more and more RVs flying flags these days, well, you are. It seems like everyone is adding a flagpole to their trailer or motorhome. This week, our friends Jason and Tammy decided to do just that as it also gave ’em a place to mount their CB antenna. If you love farms and looking for an interesting place to spend a weekend, then head to Ulster, Pennsylvania, where you’ll find The Moonlite Alpaca & Garlic Farm. There’s plenty to see and do there for the whole family. Later, who said bran muffins are just for seniors? Evanne Schmarder whips up some bran muffins in her RV kitchen that even your kids or grandkids will enjoy. These stories and more, plus our Double Holiday contest on this week’s “RVing Today TV.”

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