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Buying the right used RV | Broken pet nails | Matching RV and Tow Vehicle on Show 2023-17

Buying the right used trailer can be a good deal, but there are certain things you should do to make sure it’s ready for the road. Jeff Johnston shows us various items you should check and repair, if needed, so you know that your RV is safe and ready for some fun adventures. It’s not unusual for your dog or cat to break a nail, and in most cases, it’s not a big problem, but then, again, it could be. This week on “Paws on Board,” Dr. Fitz shows us how to take care of a serious broken nail correctly so your pet stays comfortable and safe until you can get to a local veterinarian. Planning on buying a travel trailer or a fifth wheel? Mark Polk from RV Education 101, explains the basics about tow vehicle powertrains so you understand if your tow vehicle has the right powertrain for your towing needs.

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A Harvest Location with LOTS of perks | Pet Dehydration and Snacks | Clean Fresh Water for your RV on show 2023-16

A while back, we paid a visit to the Spyglass Ridge Winery and concert facility in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. During that visit, they were just adding a brewery and restaurant. Well, everything is finished, and a concert season is in full swing, so let’s revisit this great Harvest Hosts destination
so you can add it to your must-visit list.

This week on “Paws on Board,” we have a doubleheader for you. First, Dr. Fitz explains about dehydration and how this could lead to serious problems if not monitored. Then, Dr. Fitz is joined by Britney McKay from Jones Natural Chews and learns all about this family-owned company and its made-in-America line of natural dog chews and treats.

Clean, fresh water is on everyone’s mind, especially when you’re RVing and camping. This week, Mark Polk from “RV Education 101,” shows us a line of water filtration products that you should consider having on your RV.

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RV Suspension Systems | Pet IDs for Traveling | Cedar Plank Salmon Dish on RVing Today TV and more on RVing Today TV 2023 – 15

You see their towing and suspension products everywhere, and this week we bring back the story inside Roadmaster, Inc. David Robinson, Vice President of the company, gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of Roadmaster and shows us what’s involved in making their highly-respected line of products that proudly carry that made-in-America sticker. Then on “Paws On Board,” Dr. Fitz explains to us why it’s so important to have your pet properly ID’d and the various types of IDs that are available. This is especially important if your pet travels with you around the country. Later, Kate Dunbar, our Campground Gourmet, shows us how relatively easy it is to prepare a delicious cedar plank salmon dish. Once you see how easy this meal is to cook up, I’m sure you’ll be adding this to your regular campground menu.

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Destination Vail, CO | 2024 RV Toy Hauler Review | Adding USB Ports and more on RVing Today TV 2023 – 14

Most folks identify Vail, Colorado with skiing and lots of winter activities, but this week Jeff Johnston shows us what a great RV destination Vail is during the spring and summer months with plenty to see and do. Then on “Paws on Board,” Dr. Fitz joins Joe Mehl from Alliance RV and checks out the all-new 2024 valor toy hauler. You see as why you don’t need toys like quads or bikes to appreciate a toy hauler. Joe also points out what makes a toy hauler such a great option for RVers with pets. Later, it’s only been in the past few years that RV manufacturers have been installing multiple USB ports throughout their units. If you have an RV that could use one, two, or a few more USB ports, Jeff Johnston shows us how relatively simple it is to add those extra ports in your RV.

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RV Toy Hauler Review | Route 80 Nebraska Must See Destination and more on RVing Today TV

With toy haulers continually growing in popularity, we check back with Jeff Johnston in a review he did on the Coachmen Freedom Express. Then if you find yourself on Route 80 in Nebraska and looking for a place to stop for a while, Michelle Fontaine recommends the perfect place the whole family will enjoy: the Great Platte River Road Archway. It’s so easy to find and access as it actually spans over Route 80, and it’s definitely well worth a visit. This year looks like another record year for RVers traveling the country with their pets. On this week’s “Paws On Board,” Dr. Fitz explains to us the regional dangers your pet could face in various parts of the country and how you should be prepared. RVing and picnic lunches go hand in hand, and this week Britta Nelson shows us a few slightly different and delicious picnic ideas you may want to prepare for your friends and family on your next outing. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.” Closed and Spanish captioning where available is sponsored by Forest River. Follow the river.#forestriver #rvingtoday#rvingtodaytv#rollinontv

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Tucson, AZ RV Destination | Pre-Trip Safety Tips | Crystal Basin Cellars – on RVing Today 2023-12

Even though it’s summer, it’s never too soon to consider some winter RV destinations. This week, Evanne Schmarder shows us why Tucson, Arizona, is one of her favorite winter locations, and why it should be on your list of places to consider. Whether it’s summer or winter, when it comes to RV travel, safety should always be your top priority. Mark Polk from RV Education 101 gives us seven of his pre-trip safety check tips he always performs prior to hitting the road. Later, Jeff Johnston spends the night at Crystal Basin Cellars, located in Camino, California. This Harvest Hosts location is a perfect example of why more and more people are opting for this type of overnight location as opposed to regular campgrounds.

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Historic CA RV Destination | Purchasing a Used RV | Install a Back-up Camera on Show 2023-11

On this week’s show, we join Jeff Johnston as he visits the Indian Grinding Rock State Park located near Pinegrove, California. This historic location has a great campground you can stay at while visiting the area. Jeff also found a nice little restaurant nearby where they served what he described as fantastic huevos rancheros for breakfast.
Used RV sales are going through the roof, and if you’re considering buying a pre-owned RV, be it a motor home or towable, you should know what to look for. Mark Polk from RV Education 101 explains the things you should check and be aware of while shopping for a used RV before you plunk down that hard-earned money.
While on the subject of used RVs, most RVs, especially those a few years old, usually are not equipped with rear cameras, but that’s no problem, as today’s camera systems are relatively easy to find and install, as our friend Jason Ciastko shows us as he installs one on Michelle’s trailer.
Later we catch up with Evanne Schmarder as she goes Mexican on us with a couple of easy to make south of the border dips. Now all you need is some tequila and corn chips, and it’s officially party time.
These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.” Closed and Spanish captioning where available is sponsored by Forest River. Follow the river.

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Electronic Sway Control | High Sierra Destination | Frittata’s Trailer Style on Show 2023-10

On our first story, Jeff Johnston explains just what an electronic trailer sway control system does, then shows us how relatively easy it is to install. Then on our destination segment, Jeff takes us along to the California High Sierras as he visits one of his favorite RV destinations where there’s plenty to see and do, or you can just do nothing, as this is also a great place to relax and chill out. Later, kids love camping and cooking, and this week Britta Nelson is joined by her nieces, and together they prepare a nice frittata and salad lunch in her trailer kitchen. Yes, the skunks are out already. So, this week on “Paws on Board,” we thought we’d look back at a story Dr. Fitz did about what to do if your dog gets skunked. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.” Closed and Spanish captioning where available is sponsored by Forest River,


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Upper Cape Cod Campground | Dutch Oven Cooking | 7 Consumable Items to Carry | Advice on Dogs Eating the Wrong Thing on Show 2023-09

If you live in, or your plans are takin’ you to Massachusetts, Michelle Fontaine shows us a great family campground just over the Bourne Bridge as you enter what’s often referred to as the Upper Cape. Yes, we’re talking Cape Cod. We can’t all be gourmet cooks, but cooking a nice meal outside can be fun. This week, Jeff Johnston shows us his culinary skills as he prepares a bean, sausage, and potato dish in a Dutch oven. And to go along with this meal, how about a beer-batter bread also baked in a Dutch oven? Before packing the RV for your next adventure, check out this list of seven consumable items you should always have in your RV, compiled by our friends and RV experts Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101. Later, on “Paws on Board,” Dr. Fitz takes a few minutes and explains to us steps you should take if your dog ingests anything they shouldn’t have, like a sock or, God forbid, something poisonous. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.”

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Electrify your Jack | Smoky Mountain Tennessee Adventure | Coachman RV Review |Favorite Camp Chair on Show 2023-08

This week Jeff Johnston shows us a nice alternative from the folks at Lippert that will make your life a whole lot easier at a fraction of the cost – electrify that jack.Then we join Michelle Fontaine in Tennessee as she visits Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Anakeesta in the Great Smoky Mountains.There are so many styles and sizes of camping chairs available these days, but what matters most is finding the one that you are comfortable in. This week Jeff Johnston shows us his favorite go-to camping chair. Later on “Paws on Board,”Dr. Fitz is joined by Max Keagle from Coachmen RV as they check out the Northern lights travel trailer and see what makes this model so pet-friendly.

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