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Destination Tri-Cities of Washington | Restoring an EDPM Roof | Bee Stings on Show 2023-06

On this week’s RV destinations we join Jeff Johnston and we pay a visit to the Tri-City area of Washington State as he shows us some of the interesting things to see and do in and around the area. Jeff also checks out the Columbia Sun RV resort, a great place to stay when visiting this part of Washington State.Then, if your old EDPM rubber roof is looking a little worse for wear, Mark Polk from RV Education 101® shows us how you can restore that old roof in one day so it looks like new again, using the Dicor Rubber Roof kit.With spring quickly upon us, Dr. Fitz gives us a refresher course on what to do should your dog gets stung by a bee. In most cases, it’s no problem, but occasionally a simple bee sting could cause some serious complications. Knowing what to do could be very important.Later, Evanne Schmarder prepares some out-of-this-world delicious bran muffins in her RV kitchen.

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Certified Green RV | Indian Dish | RV Kitchen Upgrade | Winery RV Stop on Show 2023-05

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “certified green,” but what does it really mean, especially when referring to RVs? Then Evanne Schmarder shows us some fantastic, space-saving cookware for your RV kitchen, then prepares one of her favorite Indian dishes. Mark Polk demonstrates how relatively simple it is to upgrade the look and feel of your RV kitchen with a new modern backsplash. Visit to Crystal Basin Cellars in Camino, California for some wine tasting and an overnight stay at this great Harvest Host location.

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Sway Control System | Unique AZ Campground | Avocado Pudding | Pets – Skunk Sprayed on Show 2023-02

On this week’s show, Jeff Johnston shows us the advantages and reason you should have a quality brake control system on your trailer. Also, Michelle Fontaine takes us to a unique campground in Arizona that is slightly different then what most RVers are used to. But, like Michelle, you’ll see why many RVers love this campground and look forward to going back. Later, anyone that knows Evanne Schmarder knows she loves traveling, food, and RVing, and has written many articles and books on the subject. She also loves cooking, and this week she prepares a delicious and healthy avocado chocolate pudding in her RV kitchen. Then, on “Paws on Board,” Dr. Fitz explains to us what to do if a skunk sprays your dog.

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RV Showers for DIYrs | Graphics for your RV | Tire Table and more on Show 2022-25

On this week’s show, we visit a company that manufactures over half of those beautiful bathroom showers, and bathtub units you see on today’s Modern RVs. And if you’re upgrading your RV bathroom, you can also buy and install these units yourself. Then we join Mark Polk from RV Education 101 and look back at one of the most practical and coolest outdoor table setups for anyone who enjoys camping. And all you need to set it up is a tire. Also ever wish you could update your RV with new graphics? You can, and we’ll join Jeff Johnston at Graphics Unlimited and see what’s involved in the designing and applying new graphics to your RV. Later, we bring back Kate Dunbar to Campground Gourmet and join her in our airstream kitchen as she prepares a simple but delicious salad dressing to go at her unique roasted vegetable salad.

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Jeff Goes Jeepers | Solar System Installation | Mediterranean Chicken and more on Show 2022-24

We start off this week with Jeff Johnstonas and an example of how RVs are so instrumental in allowing folks to enjoy their hobbies and pastimes.Today, Jeff catches up with the Jolly Jeepers group at their Tillamook, Oregon, rally.Then, even if you currently have solar power on your trailer or motor home, eventually, you’ll want or need more power. This is what happened to Michelle Fontaine.She started boondocking and working a lot more from her trailer, so with some help from Go Power, we’ll see how she increased her solar power capacity. Later in the show, Jeff Johnston takes us on a quick stop to the Inn Town Campground in Nevada City, California. Of course, what’s camping without preparing some great outdoor meals? Today, we bring backKate Dunbar,”The Campground Gourmet,”to show us this quick, delicious, one-pan recipe for Mediterranean chicken.

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RVing Less Than A Tank Away | RV Remodel Ideas | Travel with Pets and more on Show 2022-23

Even with fuel costs up, you can still enjoy a fantastic RV and camping adventure without breaking the bank. You’ll be surprised how many fun destinations are less than a tank away as Michelle Fontaine shows us. If you’re looking to upgrade your RV interior, you have a couple of choices. One, you can do the work yourself, or have an interior design company do it for you. To see just what’s involved in an interior upgrade project, Jeff Johnston paid a visit to Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design in Woodland, Washington to find out for himself. Then, on “Paws on Board,” Mark and Dawn Polk from “RV Education 101,”are not only veteran RV experts but also devoted pet lovers who take their dogs on with ’em virtually everywhere they travel. Today, they share with us what they do and what other RV owners should know before hitting the road with your pets. Then, later, Jeff Johnston and Chris Hemer from “RV Enthusiast Magazine,” check out some unique cooking and camping gear at a recent outdoor adventure camping show.

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RV Locks | Quartzsite, AZ | Border Collie Story | Weight Distribution Measuring on Show 2022-22

On our first story, we’ll explain to you what over 70% of all RVs share in common, and the answer may surprise you enough that you may want to consider making some changes to your RV, and with winter knocking on the door, you may want to consider joining about a million other RVers flocking to Quartzsite, Arizona, for the winter. There’s lots to see and do there between January and early April, as Michelle Fontaine shows us from her last visit there. Then we have an unusual Paws On Board segment for you this week, as we head to the Arizona desert and catch up with a couple of the gals from the Arizona Border Collie Rescue, along with a few of the thousands of dogs they have rescued over the years. Looks like these border collies love RVing and camping also. Later, we join Mark Polk from RV Education 101 as he shows us a new, simple way to measure the weight distribution on your trailer. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.

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