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RV Education 101 on RV Safety Checks | Paws on Board | Visit to Cox Sports and More on Rollin’ On TV 2021-13

We start off this week with Mark Polk from RV Education 101 as he shows us the seven safety checks you should do before hitting the road. Then we begin our series on “Women in RVing” as we visit with Susan Carpenter and learn all about her career and rise within the RV industry. And as we celebrate our 11th year of “Rollin’ on TV,” we are also celebrating 10 years of broadcasting with Cox Sports Television. We’ll join Michelle Fontaine as she visits our broadcast partners in Louisiana. Later, we’ll introduce you to Dr. Marisa Fitzpatrick, also known as Dr. Fitz, as we start our new weekly series called, “Paws On Board.” These stories and more on this week’s “Rollin’ on TV.”

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Destination: A Unique Town – Jerome, AZ | RV Education 101 on RV Slide-outs | Guilt Free Apple Pie | on Rollin’ On TV 2021-12

On this week’s RV Destination story Michelle and Laurie take us to the historic town of Jerome, Arizona, where they check out the Mingus Mountain Recreation Area and the Jerome State Historic Park. Then with so many RVers today having at least one slide out, Mark Polk from RV Education 101 show us how to replace that slide-out rubber seal. Later, one of our favorite recipes ever on our show was Evanne Schmarder’s apple pie salad.

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Award Winning New England Campground | RV Women’s Alliance Rehab Project | Essential RV Tools | on Rollin’ On TV 2021-11

Now that the 2021 camping season is upon us and things have loosened up a bit from all the shutdowns, everyone is ready to head out to their favorite RV and camping destinations or visit some new ones. This week, Michelle and Laurie take us back to Normandy Farms, one of their favorite New England campgrounds. And once you visit, I’m sure
will be one of yours. Later, we head to Elkhart, Indiana and see how far the gals from RV Women’s Alliance have come in completing their Drab to Fab trailer remodeling project. Then, Mark Pope from RV education 101 shows us his top list of essential tools you should carry in your RV, you know, just in case.

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Destination: Anakeesta & Pigeon Forge | Drab to Fab 8 | Flyte Camp | Tow Vehicles | on Rollin’ On TV 2021-10

This week, Michelle Fontaine takes us to the Tennessee mountains to visit a couple of great RV destinations that you should try to work into this year’s trip itinerary. Then Jeff Johnston checks back with Justin Scribner from Flyte Camp Trailer Restoration and finds out what’s new at this well-known, popular restoration facility in Oregon. Also, we’ll join the ladies at RVWA as they get closer to completing their Drab to Fab trailer project. Later, Mark and Dawn Polk from “RV Education 101” explain to us how towing affects your tow vehicle.

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Super NO BO Update | Quick Drop Jack | Drab To Fab | RV Batteries on Rollin’ On TV 2021-09

This week we bring you up to date with our 2021 Care Camps Super No Bo Raffle and all about this year’s Super No Bo 2 prize. And if you’re tired of cranking that old tongue jack but can’t quite afford an electric one, Jeff Johnston shows us the new Lippert Quick Drop tongue jack. Later, we’ll join the RV Women’s Alliance team and see what’s on their project board for this week’s Drab to Fab trailer remodeling project. Then, Mark Polk from RV Education 101 explains in depth all about RV batteries and what we should know about them.

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RV Lock Systems | Battery Charging | Drab To Fab | Replacing Rubber Seals on Rollin’ On TV 2021-08

I’ll open this week’s show with a question: Do you know that over 50% of RVs have the same storage compartment keys? Think about that for a moment while we take you to a company that can solve that problem and others when it comes to RV entry door and compartment latch and lock systems. Also, in our “Straight Talk” segment, Jeff Johnston answers a viewer’s question about battery converters. Later, we’ll visit with the women at RV Women’s Alliance and check out the progress of their Drab to Fab Trailer Rebuild project. Then, Mark Polk from “RV Education 101” shows us how to replace RV rubber seals and where to go to find those elusive hard-to-get seals. These stories and more on this week’s “Rollin’ On TV.”

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Spyglass Ridge Winery Destination | Catch up with Drab to Fab | TailGater Portable Table on Rollin’ On TV 2021-07

On this week’s show, Michelle Fontaine visits the Spy Glass Ridge Winery, a very interesting Harvest Host destination in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, that’s also a brewery, restaurant, and popular concert venue. Then we catch up with the gals at RV Women’s Alliance as they continue on their “Drab to Fab” trailer rebuild project that is getting close to completion. Later in the show, Mark Polk from RV Education 101 shows us the TailGater, a great portable table that will work with virtually any trailer or vehicle.

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Disinfect your RV | Easy Solar System Explanation | Cooking Pizza in a Dutch Oven on Rollin’ On TV 2021-06

With the current COVID-19 situation, more people are RVing than ever, and more people are even renting out their RVs. With this in mind, we start off this week’s show with Mark and Dawn Polk from, “RV Education 101,” as they show us how to clean and sanitize your RV to make sure that you and your family are staying as safe as possible. Also, with more people using or considering going to solar power, Michelle Fontaine explains what she learned, in laymen’s terms, when selecting and adding her solar system. Later, we’ll catch up with Jeff and Pam as they turn cooking with a Dutch oven upside down and whip up a tasty pizza.

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A Sporty RV Destination, RVWA’s Drab to Fab part 4, RV Education 101’s Tire Advice on Rollin’ On TV 2021-05

Coming up on this week’s show, we catch up with Michelle and Laurie as they visit the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a great, fun filled RV destination for any Corvette lover or automotive enthusiast of all ages. Later, we’ll join the women from RV Women’s Alliance on episode four of their Drab to Fab project series. Then Mark Polk from gives us some pointers on
inspecting your RV Tires. These stories and our Wholesale Warranties Peace of Mind contest.

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