SHOW 2022-17


Jeff Attends a Regional Truck Camper Rally

We’re here in beautiful Kampers West Kampground in Warrenton, Oregon for a truck camper owner rally. Just about every type of RV out there has gatherings for that specific type of RV, and the same is true for truck campers. We’re here to attend a rally,  that has a bunch of truck camper owners getting together, hanging out, having fun. MORE.

Pinstriping on Jeff's Palomino Adds that Unique Touch

RVers really enjoy decorating their vehicles in different ways so they don’t look like any other on the road. In addition to a full body wrap, we decided to go with an old-school type of decoration with just pinstriping, and there’s no better source for pinstriping than Herb Martinez, “The Line Doctor.”. MORE.

Snakes and Traveling Pets - What to Do on 'Paws on Board'

Today we’re going to be discussing the dreaded snake bite. In certain parts of the country, snake bites aren’t much to worry about. In the Midwest, for example, there are a few snakes that are bold enough to bite a human or a pet, and even then the bite itself isn’t much to worry about.  MORE
RV Education 101 - RV Care Tips

Tips on Purchasing a Used RV by Mark Polk of RV Education 101

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with RV Education 101. Sometimes a used RV can be a great buy. Used RVs have already suffered the brunt of depreciation. Many are only lightly used at a good price, and you will more than likely have an affordable monthly payment, but, on the other hand, a used RV could be a disaster if you don’t know what to look for. HERE IT IS.