SHOW 2024-05


On this week’s show, would you believe that you can have a roof on your RV that requires no caulking or maintenance at all, and comes with a lifetime transferable warranty? It’s true. And in our first story, we’ll show you all about it. MORE

Calaveras Big Tree State Park is located 3 miles north of Arnold, CA. The park is a magnificent display of the giant sequoia, closely related to the coastal redwood, is well-named because it’s big and it’s the largest living organism on the planet.

When we started to spec out our new Palomino camper, we knew that there were a few items we could improve on that normally come from the factory. Item number one on our list was the furnace. And in this case, the new Truma VarioHeat furnace. MORE
Hi everyone, I’m Kate Dunbar for “RVing Today TV.” Today, I’m teaching you a cast iron Mediterranean chicken meal. And I love to use chicken thighs when I’m cooking with cast iron, especially at the campground, because it’s dark meat. MORE