Show 2020-10

Join Michelle and Laurie as they explore the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Then
Check out RV Education 101’s Trailer Restoration – Part 2 of 5. And the Girls Sell their Lance 1575.


French Quarter in New Orleans

Hi, Michelle and Laurie here for “Rollin’ On TV.” As we were crossing the country with our RV, we decided to head to New Orleans, also known as NOLA and the Big Easy. This time, we specifically headed to the French Quarter so Laurie could see it for the first time.

Join us on this foggy morning as we eat traditional beignets at the oldest cafe, enjoy a Hurricane at the historic Pat O’Brien Bar, and see some of the sights and sounds of the crown jewel of New Orleans, established in 1718. 

RV Education 101

Restoring a 1967 Travel Trailer

Welcome back! Today, our plan is to start roughing in our 12 volt and 120 volt wiring. And later, we’ll start working on our new floor plan design. Let’s get busy.

When we purchased the trailer, there was no power converter or power distribution center. Our plan was to completely upgrade the 12 volt and 120 volt wiring. We’re adding a lot of new 12 volt and 120 volt accessories, so it will be a 30 amp, 120 volt electrical system.

Travel Trailer

Michelle and Laurie Sell their Lacey Lance! What's Next?


Hi, Michelle and Laurie from “Rollin’ On TV.” You’ve seen us in quite a few productions probably by now and with our ‘Lacey’ Lance, our Lance 1575. Well, she’s been a beautiful RV for us, and we’ve had her for two and a half years. And now, things have changed.

My mother will be joining us on some of our camping trips, and three adults in here and three dogs, just a little bit too tight. So, we have decided to sell ‘Lacey’ Lance. And we put the word out there, and we found the perfect couple to take her over. And we want to introduce you right now to the new owners.