Show 2021-14

Protecting your RV with a cover is easy, even when you are alone.

Then, we catch up with Amber on our Women in the RV Industry Series.

Mark Polk on what you should know about your hitch ball.

Later, Dr. Fitz shares her pet first-aid kit.

RV industry

Women in the RV Industry - Amber Selking

My background started in the manufacturing world in HR right out of undergrad at Notre Dame. I went on a journey of sport psychology and applied human performance psychology to really look at how do humans become the best version of themselves. 

I had the opportunity of having Jason Lippert, the CEO of Lippert Components, on my podcast and he just made the comment, “We could use someone like you in our business to help us continue on our cultural journey and maybe think about it differently than we have in the past.” 

rving with your pets

Your Pet First Aid Kit by Dr. Fitz

I’m Dr. Fitz. Today we’re gonna be talking about pet first aid kits. Most of us enjoy being able to take our pets on the road. We come prepared with their food, water, toys, leash, everything they might need along the way. But what if there’s an emergency? Do you have supplies with you to quickly care for your pet? 

In this segment, I’ll be going over some of the items that you should pack with you to make a first aid kit for your pet.

RV How To's

RV Covers for Summer Heat

Hi, Michelle Fontaine for, “Rollin’ On TV.” The sun in Northern Arizona can be brutal. Anything left outside will fade, lots of UV rays. So we decided to cover our RV. The RV cover we chose is made from Adco,  and we chose the Designer Series, Moderate Climate. And the cost of the RV cover was about $250 and this is a 25-foot RV. Obviously, we got the job done but it did come with a few challenges so here’s the story of me covering that RV alone.

RV education 101

Understanding your Hitch Ball

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with “RV Education 101.” Did you know every component in a towing system has its own weight rating It’s true and if you think about it, the hitch ball is what all the trailer tongue weight rests on and what pulls all the trailer’s weight down the road.

Let’s take a closer look at this important component in the towing system. When you plan to tow a trailer, even a small trailer, two important components are the hitch ball and the coupler on the trailer. The hitch ball reveals some important information just by looking at it.