Show 2021-16

Meet Women in the RV Industry Mollee V. Then Mark Polk Shows us How to Sanitize your RV Water System. Jeff visits a fantastic campground in WI.  Dr. Fitz Explains Pet Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.  These and more!

Women in the RV Industry

Meet Mollee V from Veurink RV

Mollee Veurink: We are going on our 67th year in the RV industry here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It all started in 1954 with my Grandpa Howard Veurink. He had three of his five children working for him, one of being my dad, who is the only one still in the business right now.

And now we are on our third generation of the Veurink family.

RV Education 101

How to Sanitize your RV Water System

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with RV Education 101. The water system in your RV provides the water you drink from and the water you use to wash dishes and take showers with. We cannot assume it will always be safe and fresh, like the water system in our home. So, to make sure the RV water system is clean and safe to use, all you need to do is sanitize it. Here’s how you do it.

Paws on Board

Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

I’m Dr. Fitz. Today we’re going to be discussing heat stroke versus heat exhaustion. A large proportion of RVers bring their pets with them on their travels, somewhere around 70%. Whether you plan to hang out in the campground or explore the trails, you should consider the safety of your dog. During the summer months, many popular vacation spots can get extremely warm and humid. Just like people, canines can become dehydrated and be impacted by the heat. Any dog can be affected, but several breeds have special considerations.

RV Destination

A Fantastic Campground in WI

Today’s quick stop is a Wisconsin gem. Don’t let the name put you off. The Broughton Marsh Park and Campground is a darned nice place to stay in your RV. Its location adjacent to 13,000 acres Sheboygan Lake and Marsh Wildlife Area.