SHOW 2022-10


One of the Best RV Family Campgrounds in MA

This week, we join Michelle as she takes usback for another lookat Normandy Farms Campgrounds in Foxborough, Massachusetts. This campground is constantly ranked as one of the best campgrounds in the country.  

Paws on Board - Let's Review Fleas and Ticks

As spring and summer are upon us once again, let’s have Dr. Fitz once again explain to us what we should know about fleas and ticks. There’s a lot more to know than just removing that tick, as we’ll learn.

Part 4 of the Ram Camp Van Project - This week - Wiring!

Let’s join Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 as they continue with building their ultimate 4X4 Dodge Camper Van. This week, all the wiring goes in for the solar system and lithium batteries, along with all the interior outlets and lights.


Here you can enjoy the extended version of Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101’s Ram Camp Van Conversion Project – Episode 4

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