Show 2021-19


This week, Jeff briefs us on his new Palomino truck camper. Then we visit MoonBeam Farms, a great Harvest Host location. Later, Mark Polk shows us how to install a Central RV vac system. On “Paws on Board,” Dr. Fitz talks about dog ear infections.

Introducing the Palomino 1240 Truck Camper

RV Review and Project

This week, Jeff Johnston briefs us on his new Palomino truck camper project and what was involved in outfitting it with all the latest components and goodies to meet his and Pam’s needs and wish list.

RV destination

MoonBeams and Lavendar

We join Jeff as he visits MoonBeam Farms, a great harvest host destination located in Corning, California. Besides being a beautiful, working organic lavender farm, they also grow and produce a unique product that most of us don’t often think about.

RV Education 101

Mark Polk Installs a Central RV Vac

Mark Polk from, “RV Education 101,” shows us how to install a Dirt Devil central RV vac system in your RV!

Paws on Board

Dogs and Ear Infections 'On the Road'

I’m Dr. Fitz, and this is Zoe. Does your dog ever get an ear infection after swimming? Many of those that take their dogs RVing enjoy stopping at lakes and rivers for some time to cool off. What we don’t enjoy is the continuous shaking of the head,
scratching, and itching at the ears that comes a few days after being in the water. Why does this happen?