Show 2020-22


Palomino River Ranch – a True Pedigree 5th Wheel, Jeff talks Propane on Straight Talk, Kate share her Favorite RV and Camping Kitchen Tools and RV Education 101 on Viair Portable Air Compressor!

rv feature

Palomino River Ranch, a True Pedigree in the Fifth Wheel Category

The new Palomino River Ranch is taking fifth wheel trailers to a level never before dreamed of, and is already shaking up the market with its single level ranch style design.

The River Ranch concept combines the best aspects of three different RV types, including the storage capacity and interior ceiling height of a class A motorhome, the tow-ability of a fifth wheel, and the single level living floor plan of a travel trailer.

RV straight talk

Jeff answers a common question about propane on this Straight Talk

This week, Dennis writes, “Is it safe or legal to use propane to run my refrigerator while driving?”

Well, that’s a really good question, Dennis. Let’s get to the answer right now…

Campground gourmet

Kate's Favorite Kitchen Tools!

Hi everyone, I’m Kate Dunbar, the creator of the Campground Gourmet website and cookbook, here for “Rollin’ On TV.”

Today, I’m camping in beautiful Texas, and I thought I’d come to you and show to you some tools that I would never leave home without. And hopefully, they might make it on your list too, so let’s get right to it.

rv education 101

Review of the Viair Portable Air Compressor

I’m excited to review today’s product because it’s a topic near and dear to RV owners. For years, I have discussed the importance of checking and adjusting the inflation pressure in your RV tires. This needs to be done when the RV is taken out of storage, before leaving on an RV trip, and while you’re traveling. One problem is finding a portable air compressor capable of inflating some RV tires like ours. And another problem is where to store the compressor in the RV because of its size.