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Why is Quartzsite such an RV hot spot? Then
our Campground Gourmet prepares Mediterranean Chicken. Plus Carbon Monoxide Detectors 101 from RV Education 101 and more!


Why is Quartzsite so popular with RVers?

Hi, this is Michelle and Laurie from “Rollin’ On TV,” and we’re going to explore Quartzsite. And normally, it has a year-round residency of about 4,000 people. However, during the wintertime, this number increases to a million RVers. So, this small desert town, which happens to have perfect winter weather, really has morphed itself into taking care of all these RVers that come in once a year.

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Jeff Shares His Favorite Camping Chair

Most campers need camp furniture of one kind or another. Now, like most of us who have been doing this for an awful long time, we’ve been through a variety of chairs that some are more comfortable than others, some last longer, some fall apart while you’re sitting next to them at the campsite, which of course is hilarious for all of your camping buddies. But we kind of like a chair that’s a little more reliable than that these days.

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Mediterranean Chicken Meal Cooked in your Cast Iron Pan

Hi everyone, I’m Kate Dunbar for “Rollin’ On TV.” Today, I’m teaching you a cast iron Mediterranean chicken meal. This is something that’s going to have your friends and families craving for seconds, so you better make extra.

And I love to use chicken thighs when I’m cooking with cast iron, especially at the campground, because it’s dark meat. And if you cook it a little bit longer than you’re supposed to, maybe you know, you’ve had an extra cocktail or maybe a kid’s learning how to ride a bike; with dark meat, it’s okay.

rv Education 101

RV Carbon Monoxide Detectors - What to Know, How to Replace

When one of your RV safety devices chirps, a light also illuminates. And if you look in the instructions for the device, the color and number of times it illuminates will help troubleshoot the problem. Ours flashed two red lights every time it chirped. On our model, two red lights flashing indicates the detector reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced, so that’s what we’re going to do right now.