SHOW 2022-04


Destination: Alpaca and Garlic Farm - Ulster, PA

Michelle visits a Harvest Host location, the Moonlite Alpaca and Garlic Farm in Ulster, PA – ‘Organic’ garlic and handmade alpaca products – on top of a scenic mountain.

Hitch Adjustment for Safer Pulling

Jeff makes adjustments in Michelle’s weight distribution system and hitch for a better, more level transport of her travel trailer. Should you do the same?

Thetford Factory Toilet Production

We visit the Thetford Factory and learn why Thetford is one of the largest RV toilet manufacturers in the industry!

Water Safety for Your Pets - Paws on Board

Dr. Fitz explains how to monitor and keep your pets safe when they are in the water. From bacteria to alligators, hear what Dr. Fitz advises.