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RV Lock Systems and Why You Should Care. Straight Talk on Battery Charging and More ‘Drab to Fab’. Then RV Education 101 shows us how to replace rubber seals.

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Over 50% of RVs Share Your Cargo Lock! RV Locks and Systems.

Do you know that over 50% of RVs have the same storage compartment keys? Think about that for a moment while we take you to a company that can solve that problem and others when it comes to RV entry door and compartment latch and lock systems.

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Today's Question For Jeff is...

When at a campground using shore power, does the battery need to be on? The converter handles the system well with the battery off. My thought is that high-draw DC loads such as moving the slideout may put excessive demand on the converter or charger. The battery should assist this high demand DC load. I am concerned that over-charging the battery, if the converter is online for several days.

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Catching Up with the 'Drab to Fab' Project - Part 5

Susan Carpenter: The project is full steam ahead on assembly. So we have put in the on-demand hot water tank, the furnace has been installed. It still needs to be finished wiring. The shower, all the plumbing’s done, most of the electrical, the interior lights are on, all the graphics on the outside of the RV are done. We’re getting there!

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Replacing Rubber Seals on Your RV

Steele Rubber Products offers a wide selection of RV seals and weather stripping for all types of RVs, and they are just in time because I discovered a damaged seal on one of my exterior storage compartments. Let me show you how easy it is to not only identify the type of replacement seal you need, but how to install it too.