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Our update on the 2021 Care Camps Super NOBO Raffle. Jeff shows us a Lippert Quick Drop jack. What’s on the RVWA project board. Mark of RV Education 101 explains all about RV batteries.

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Update on 2021 Super NOBO Raffle and Prizes!

It seems like just yesterday that “Rollin’ On TV” and Forest River joined up to build and raffle off a 2020 NOBO trailer for Care Camps, oncology camps for children with cancer. Well, yesterday has come and gone, and the Super NOBO raffle was a success. Here we are in 2021 and guess what? We’re doing it again. Only this time, we’re raffling off a 2021 Forest River NOBO called The Super NOBO 2.

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Lippert Quick Drop Tongue Jack

Well, this is a project that a lot of trailer owners go through every time they need to hitch or unhitch: cranking the manual jack. And it can get a little bit tiring, especially if you’re getting a little bit older or you have a little bit of physical impairment, so to speak.

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Catching Up with the 'Drab to Fab' Project - Part 7

Today we hear from several women in the RV industry who have stepped in to help with this project. I think they’ll like the modern style and we’re gonna have a fully functional office in it and the décor and the colors that the designers have put into this look amazing, and it’s just–it’s gonna have that modern feel but still in a camper.

Our hope is that whoever wins this raffle is gonna get a fabulous remodeled RV.  It’s gonna be a really unique floor plan with a great office set-up in the front, and the rest is a surprise. 

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Understanding RV Batterries

And today’s topic is everything you need to know about RV batteries. After viewing the video, you should have a better understanding of battery basics, the different types of RV batteries, which type of battery may be right for you, and what you can do to get the maximum life from your RV batteries. Let’s get started right now.