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RV toys – choosing a kayak. Then Jeff shares  some downtime RV cleaning products.  

Then check out part 3 of RV Education 101’s Vintage Trailer Restoration. 

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What You Should Know Before Buying a Kayak

RVers are always looking for toys to enhance their RV fun, and kayaks are at the top of the list. Let’s join Steve Gibons at Scapoose Bay Kayak and find out what we need to know before buying that first kayak.

Steve Gibons: Kayaking is a great sport for RVers. And if you’re thinking about getting into the kayaking RVing program, here’s some things to think about. 

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Downtime is a Good Time to Clean and Protect your RV!

Hi, I’m Jeff Johnston with “Rollin’ On TV.” A lot of us have seasonal downtime when our RV is not being used, and we’re counting the days until we’re free for camping season again. It’s a ways off. 

You can use that downtime to catch up on some long neglected projects, jobs that you didn’t have much time for during the regular season, or just things you avoided doing because you didn’t want to, and that’s okay.

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RV Education 101 - Continuing the Vintage Trailer Restoration.

Mark Polk: Thanks for joining us, and welcome back to our ’67 Yellowstone restoration project. Today, we’re going to start working on the new interior floorplan and the plumbing for our new holding tanks. We better get busy.

If you recall, the original bathroom was two feet by two feet, and it only had a toilet in it. Our plan is to nearly double the size of the bathroom so we can add a shower. In small spaces like this, RV manufacturers use what is known as a wet bath to save space.