Show 2021-15

Jeff and Chris Visit the Overland Van Expo and find Kitchen Gadgets. Then, Pet Friendly RVs with Dr. Fitz and Joe Mehl. Later Michelle visits a cool WWII Museum and former Bombardier Training facility which is also a Harvest Host location. These and more!

RV Kitchen Gadgets

Jeff and Chris Explore Cooking Gadgets at the Overland Van Expo

Jeff Johnston here for “Rollin’ on TV.” Joining us today is our associate Chris Hemer from RV Enthusiast Magazine, and Chris is an enthusiastic cook.

The Adventure vans are more or less Class B van camper motorhomes that are set up for off road or back country or a lot of dry camping use; and that means they’ve got to take everything with them, and that means they’re going to have some very interesting kitchen gadgets.

rving with your pets

Pet Friendly RVs with Dr. Fitz

Hello, everybody. Dr. Fitz here with “Paws on Board.” With more and more people taking their pets along with them when they travel, many RV manufacturers are starting to offer pet friendly features on the products. With me today is Joe Mehl and Harley from Forest River. He’s going to highlight for us some of the new features now offered on some of the Forest River units. Joe, welcome to “Paws on Board.”


Bombadier School WWII Museum

Michelle and Laurie visit an interesting Harvest Hosts location. The Hagar 25 museum is housed in a World War II airplane hangar that was built during the Army Air Corps Bombardier School days here in Big Springs, TX. After the start of World War II, Army Air Corps started all these special training schools, and we had bombardiers.

RV Product

Campground Firewood Vending Machine!

When you been to a few campgrounds in your life, you get to feeling, “I’ve seen everything at a campground.” And we’re here at beautiful Mayfield Lake Campground in Wisconsin, and we ran into something here that we’ve never seen before. Apparently, it’s available in this area, and it’s going to be spreading elsewhere, but it’s one of the slickest new campground additions we’ve seen. We’re going to show you how it works.