SHOW 2023-01


Duo Form Plastics produce about 3000 RV shower wall enclosures a week. In addition to that, they produce a lot of bathtubs, different types of shower pans all different shapes, sizes all for the recreational vehicle industry. MORE.

Improve your RV Ride - Roadmaster Sway Bars

One fun alternative to the factory graphics is a partial or full-body graphics wrap. They’re popular on commercial vehicles and can also be used to dress up a private RV. We decided on a body wrap for our  Truck Camper Project. MORE.

How to Clean and Sanitize your RV

Every now and then, a product comes along that’s not only functional but has many practical uses, and it just makes sense to get one. That product for me is the original TailGater Tire Table. Let’s take a closer look. MORE

Viewers Recommend RecPro Sewer Hose Storage Tubes

Jason and Tami, friends of the show, recommend a product Michelle installed a year ago, RecPro’s Sewer Hose Storage Tubes… They can actually hold other things to. MORE