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On this week’s show, we catch up with Michelle Fontaine at the Camp Taylor Campground in Columbia, New Jersey, where she meets up with Janine Pettit, founder of Girl Camper and learns all about this fast-growing organization.

Also we join Michelle on a tour of the Camp Taylor Campground along with an interesting visit to the adjoining Lakota Wolf Preserve. Then we visit with Jon Krider, vice-president of product development at Thor Motor Coach and check out the all-new Tellaro Class B motorhome. Later, we’ll join Mark and Dawn Polk from “RV Education 101,” to learn his five tips for RV Winter Storage!


Girl Campers Organization

Girl Camper is an organization that really helps women get out there. Our tag line is we– “Going Places and Doing Things.”  Now there are all these girl camping groups out there, right?  And I thought, you know what, there’s all these women and they’re looking at other groups on Facebook and they’re going, “This looks like so much fun but how do I get started?” I noticed that nobody was really educating women on safety with the RV.

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RV Campgrounds

Camp Taylor is Really Back to Nature!

Camp Taylor is located in the beautiful mountains of Northwest New Jersey. It has 150 sites and 400 acres of pristine forest and within Camp Taylor is the privately owned Lakota Wolf Reserve.  If you hike all the way up to the top, you can connect to the Appalachian Trail. So you could do a nice day hike on the Appalachian Trail but there’s beautiful trails right here on this property.

RV Destinations

Lakota Wolve Preserve

While staying at Camp Taylor, we learned that right up the hill, are you ready for this, is the Lakota Wolf Preserve. So, of course, we had to check it out. Timber wolves are anywhere from blond to a black color, lots of different color pelts. The females weigh about 80 to 90 pounds. A lot of us have dogs at home which are well over 100 pounds. 

RV introduction

Thor's Tellaro Class B

I’m Jon Krider from Thor Motor Coach and we’re sitting in the brand new Thor Tellaro Class B motorhome. We’re really excited about this because it’s a new entry into the B van market. Earlier this year we introduced the Sequence. The Tellaro is the follow-up project. And the Tellaro has a few different features than what the Sequence has

RV Education 101

Five Winter RV Storage Tips

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with “RV Education 101.” When temperatures drop, we winterize our RV so we won’t have problems next spring but winterizing your RV is only part of preparing your RV for winter storage. Lots of folks don’t think about it but proper RV storage procedures are just as important as winterizing the RV’s plumbing system.